About Us

Leading People to Lead Themselves

This is what we have been doing for 18 years at ChoiceWorks Inc. We focus on creating cultures of accountability where people show up as if they own the place.  Where everyone has a deep commitment to the overall success of the organization and their team. They achieve agreed upon business results and find satisfaction and joy in their work lives.

We've applied our human technology in all kinds of organizations using our proprietary tools and processes to create business high performance. Our clients range in size from Fortune 500 Companies to small local businesses. We have worked in healthcare, services, manufacturing, software, engineering and other industries.

With each client project, we start with these thoughts and actions:

  • Your culture is unique.
  • With you we select one of your projects or initiatives to be the "laboratory" for the implementation of your new high performance culture.
  • Together we develop a formal situation analysis that is derived from the measurement of culture,  performance and people's strengths.
  • We collaborate with you to create a plan that includes the use of our integrated tools, models and solutions to achieve the targeted results.
  • As we implement the plan; we measure change and adjust the plan to the evolving situation.  
  • Our focus is always on a your initiative or project.  We create an environment where people apply what they learn to achieve your goals.
  • We help your team develop a new way of thinking about high performance and what it takes to get there.
  • We stabilize the learning so that your team maintains momentum to success.