Choice Works: Steve Morris

Steve Morris has been a partner, founder, trainer, business coach, and assessment and selection specialist at ChoiceWorks Inc. since its beginnings in 1997.  He provides a unique combination of experience and abilities in many areas of business. He has owned and started 8 businesses and worked in the private equity field in a diverse group of industries. He has held leadership roles in retail distribution, industrial and consumer service industries, manufacturing, packaging design, television production, building trades, equipment sales and engineering.   

As a Business Trainer and Coach, Steve helps clients to discover unrecognized strengths and make changes in their thinking and actions to increase performance.  He also leads a graphic strategic visioning process to develop business ideas and strategies. He has helped organizations develop and implement their strategic vision. As a selection specialist, Steve helps leaders surround themselves with effective people.  In addition to the analysis of job candidates, he assesses and benchmarks jobs to create the right fit for the position and the company.


Steve is from New York City and attended Long Island University.  While in New York he was the president of the Oil Heat Institute of Long Island, a major trade organization.  He devoted much of his time in that capacity to lobbying in Washington, D.C. At the time Steve owned and operated a company that marketed heating oil, air conditioning and heating equipment, and burglar and fire alarms.


Steve is a certified behavior and values analyst as well as an expert in Axiology, the science of values. He continually refines his skills and processes by furthering his education. 


Steve was certified in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management by the William Glasser Institute in 1997. 


Steve is the co-author of Leadership Simple, Leading People to Lead Themselves.  Steve is currently working on other publications