What We Stand For

What We Stand For

To achieve something that makes a difference in the world we have to take a stand for our vision or what we want to create. A stand is a position, a mental place that is both immovable and bending at the same time; like a stalk of bamboo that is firmly planted in the ground with deep roots while it is able to bend in the hurricane of life without breaking.

At ChoiceWorks our stand is for YOU and the CHOICES that give you CONTROL and FREEDOM in your life.

When you deliberately exercise the three choices that are ALWAYS available to you, you have freedom and control over yourself and you can be accountable.  When you live your life from old habits and you fail to recognize your three choices you limit your opportunities for success and you become a victim. Accountable people are not victims.

The three choices are simple:

  1. You can choose what you perceive....interpret your perceptions in multiple ways.
  2. You can choose what you want.
  3. You can choose what you think and do...your behavior.

We stand for Leading People to Lead Themselves and in that context, YOUR ABILITY and YOUR COMMITMENT to make these three choices consciously and set yourself free to live an accountable life.

See Our Models page for more about these three choices.