Overcome Interpersonal Conflicts - A Leadership Development Case Study

Situation: Executive Director at a Fortune 100 Company

  • An executive director thought she was being micro-managed by her boss, a new Vice President.
  • She started to look for opportunities outside the company.
  • The company wanted to retain this valuable employee.

Our Goal:

  • Executive Director and the Vice President work effectively together.

The Solution:

  • Support the executive director to shift from blaming and  "victim" thinking to  powerful, proactive, action oriented thinking.
  • Help her clarify her responsibility in working effectively with the Vice President.
  • Support the new Vice President to understand his part in the strained relationship.
  • Identify what he wanted and what he could do to create a good working relationship with his Director.
  • Facilitate joint meetings between Director and Vice President to resolve differences and find common ground.
  • Establish a user friendly communication and conflict resolution process.

Services Provided:

  • Assess Motivations, Behaviors, Emotional Intelligence, Worldview and Self view. More...
  • Executive Coaching. More...
  • Meeting Facilitation. More...
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution Training. More...

The Results:

  • The relationship between the Executive Director and the Vice President improved significantly.
  • They were able to resolve later differences using the established processes without outside assistance.
  • The Executive Director decided to stay with the company.

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