Results Only Work Environment

Situation: A group of 38 leaders in a multi-national manufacturing organization.

  • Implement a Results Oriented Work Environment
  • People are free to set their work schedules and in some cases can work from remote locations as long as they deliver the results,.

The Goal:

  • Create a culture of accountability where people meet the expectations of their jobs.
  • Increase performance and proactivity


  • Provide a system of accountability and leadership that is easy to understand and follow.
  • Teach people to set up accountability with others.
  • Provide scenarios that lead to practicing real time challenges of leadership and creating results.
  • Help people take ownership for their choices.
  • Provide standards and a system for escalation and a language to support accountability.
  • Create a focus on negotiating expectations, agreements, tracking and renegotiating and holding people accountable.

Services Provided:

  • Behavior, Motivation and Emotional Quotient Assessments. More...
  • Multiple 4 hour training modules aimed at teaching people to lead accountability for results. More...
  • One on one coaching to support individual development. More...
  • Process steps and models More...

The Result:

  • After just two training and coaching sessions leaders observed participants having new conversations using the language of accountability.
  • The Results Only Work Environment was successfully implemented at this organization.
  • Ninety percent of participants improved the way they lead.
  • Improved meeting participation.