Competitors Work Together - A Team and Culture Case Study

The Situation: One of Inc. Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For 2010

  • Service providers in India, Philippines and the US viewed each other as competitors.
  • Previous joint meetings had been adversarial.
  • Providers believe that their issues were not heard by the company.
  • Meetings include lots of complaining with no action or agreed to solutions.

The Goal:

  • Streamline customer service hand-offs between the Philippines, India and the US service providers.
  • Concerns and opportunities worked through with all providers to generate agreed to processes.
  • Facilitate ongoing collaboration.

The Solution:

  • Design and facilitate joint meetings and processes where conflicts are raised and resolved cooperatively. More...
  • Create a safe environment where people believe they will be heard, concerns can be discussed, solutions explored and decisions made to benefit both the providers and the company.
  • Provide training to improve listening and speaking and apply these new skills in the joint meetings.

Services Provided:

The Results:

  • Providers and company personnel worked together cooperatively, creatively and productively.
  • All parties were grateful that they had a chance to participate in these first-ever successful meetings.
  • A multitude of critical and not so critical concerns were raised and resolved.
  • Outstanding issues and concerns were identified and specific next steps and agreements were defined to gain resolution.


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