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Leadership Simple, Leading People to Lead Themselves:

Our book, Leadership  Simple, Leading People to Lead Themselves, by Steve and Jill Morris reveals a simple system of leadership and accountability that anyone can follow and use. It is presented in the form of conversations that take place between a leadership coach and a manager and the same coach and a small group. Less than 100 pages of real content, the story builds on our model, the Triangle of Choice and five key questions, the Procedure That Leads to Change in a manner that is easy to understand and apply.



If you want to purchase 10 copies or more please contact gapcloser@choiceworks.com for a discounted quote.  Give us your name, company, a delivery address, phone number, the quantity of books you want to purchase and we will send you a quote.

You can purchase individual or small quantities of hard cover or soft versions of our book at Amazon. You can purchase the ebook on Amazon or any other major website selling ebooks. 


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