Lead Accountability for Results

We Know You're FRUSTRATED if Your Organization Looks Like This...

  • Not  getting the bottom line results you want
  • Agreements if made are not kept
  • Leaders don't hold people accountable
  • Everyone is too busy putting out fires

You've Tried All the Flavors of The Month to Change Your Culture:

  • Inspirational speakers
  • Formularized dog and pony show accountability courses
  • Executive coaching
  • Interventions
  • Blaming, cajoling, embarrassing

Leading People to Lead Themselves Is What Accountability Is All About!

People Who Lead Themselves For Resultds:

  • Deliver the expected results on time
  • Contribute beyond their job descriptions
  • See themselves as leaders, even if they don't have the title
  • Own the consequences of their choices
  • Act in alignment with the vision of their leaders, their team, and the organization
  • Get out of their silos and look for ways to contribute across boundaries
  • Learn from their mistakes and conflicts
  • Lead and participate fully in productive meetings


What differentiates ChoiceWorks from others in our field is our integrated programs. :

  • Measure your culture and identify opportunities for maximizing your Return On Investment
  • Create results as your people learn; tying our culture work to delivering on a specific project or initiative by using it as a workshop and  laboratory to achieve your goals
  • Co-create a solution that changes the thinking  and behavior of a critical mass of your people
  • Help you create measurable results on your own within 120 days and hold you accountable for those results
  • Overcome your constraints, challenges and problems as your people apply our tools and processes
  • Lead, facilitate, train, coach, intervene, create processes, develop leaders, and participate as part of your team
  • Deliver high performance...create in your culture a passion for delivering on time at the expected quality and level of completion

As we implement your program ACCOUNTABILITY SPREADS LIKE A VIRUS. People begin to think and act differently. They want to be part of the success. They step into the Sweet spot of Accountability and thrive!

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