Assess and Plan for Culture Change

What Is Organizational Culture, Anyway? 

Culture is reflected in how you do things in your organization; the embedded patterns of thinking, decision-making and action that impact everyday results.

How Does your Culture Measure Up? 

Accountability produces big returns on investment, customer satisfaction and high rates of employee engagement. Unaccountable cultures generate poor results.

Our Leading Accountability for Results Program starts with an assessment of where your culture stands. We measure your culture utilizing one or more tools and processes that provide a comprehensive look at your organization, business unit or team. 

Culture Survey: We measure the perceptions of your organization or team using 62 questions that impact culture and tap into 12 actionable key performance indicators. We compare your results against our hand picked benchmark database of over 880 other organizations that typify all industries and levels of performance.

Teams Assessment: When working with a small intact team we apply a simple assessment that looks at the group's relationships, processes, work management, and leadership - a real time assessment of the culture of the team.  

Leadership Assessments: Your culture is a reflection of the motivations, behaviors, worldview and emotional intelligence of the people who are leading your team or organization. We measure these characteristics of your leaders using a set of comprehensive assessment tools, identifying positive and negative patterns of leadership and decision making that can impact performance. More...

Interviews: We interview key people at all levels of the organization to identify subtle patterns of thinking that have crucial effects on the overall cultural system.

Situation Analysis: After we collect data we develop with you an in depth situation analysis that identifies the current state and desired state defining the gaps that could be closed, constraints that can be eliminated, and processes that can be improved. More...

Flow Charts: Frequently processes go undefined. People think they are following a proscribed system when in reality there is an actual system operating in the background that no one acknowledges but everyone uses. Where necessary we prepare flow charts with you to analyze processes that may require improvements or just need to be identified so your people can capitalize on it more effectively. More... 

Culture Change Plan -Translate Information Into Action Steps: We work with your "culture team" to analyze the data and make a plan for improvement and change. Our culture change plans range from tuneups to comprehensive programs. Plans may involve process improvements, team development, individual behavior change and big gains in collaboration.  

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