Implement Culture Change

Measurable Change In 120 Days Or Less?

Immediately after we share the results of your culture evaluation with your team, we take steps to create measurable change in your culture within 120 days or less.  This fast action generates buy-in from people throughout your team and organization.  Taking action aimed at the "low hanging fruit" builds enthusiasm and engagement for long-term efforts.  People notice quick improvements that support their success and want more.


Steps to Change Your Culture Can Include

  • Identify what accountability means...lead conversations with your people about accountability.
  • Identify organizational, team and individual strengths...we assess people in many ways.
  • Create improved communication between your people...our assessment process leads to new understanding.
  • Reduce meetings by making them more effective...meta meetings maximize results.
  • Knock down your silos...identify and bridge the gaps between departments, divisions, teams.
  • Implement a system of agreements. . .create a solid foundation for accountability.
  • Develop accountabilities for specific shared teams identify and negotiate common metrics that drive performance. 
  • Lead conflict to learning and creativity...turning differences into productivity. 
  • Change the way people think...install new mental models within the culture. 
  • Change specific team and individual and train people to use their strengths appropriately. 
  • Instill a commitment for accountable action...gain buy-in through observable results. 
  • Create engagement in your people...when people see results they get engaged. 
  • Train your people to self-evaluate. 
  • Continuously focus on creating "WE" environment. 
  • Develop clear connections between what individuals want and do and the organization's strategic goals. 
  • Develop a universal sense of ownership throughout the organization. 
  • Distinguish systems problems from people problems. 
  • Implement a common language of accountability. 
  • Push decision-making down to the lowest levels. 
  • Create operating systems for individuals. 
  • Coach individuals. 

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