Develop Individual Leaders

If You're Not Leading People To Lead Themselves This Is What You Have: 

  • Lack of alignment on organizational goals
  • Failure to deliver results and objectives
  • Poor cross functional collaboration - arguments rather than creativity
  • Low productivity
  • People coming to you for decisions they can and should make themselves

Why Won't This Change?

  • Too much to do in too little time
  • People don't listen or change the way they do things
  • Blame and complain rather than creating a motivational environment
  • React to events - putting out fires
  • No system of leadership

High Performance Leadership Generates These Results and Attitudes:

  • Projects, initiatives, products and other commitments are delivered on time
  • People orchestrate most events rather than react to them
  • Everyone follows and leads seamlessly in a way that supports collaboration
  • Leaders who are fully engaged in the success of the entire organization, not just the part they lead
  • People jointly lead conflict and mistakes to learning and creativity

Leadership Training Is NOT ENOUGH!

If you want high performance from your leaders they need a system of leadership that they apply consistently across all situations. What make ChoiceWorks unique in this field of Leadership Development is that we have created a comprehensive leadership system. For over 16 years we've helped leaders implement our system. Through customized programs across many industries, we have developed high performance leaders.

Leadership Programs Include a Unique Combination of Components That Create Effective Leaders Who Lead People to Lead Themselves. Here Is How We Do It:  

  • Measure your culture and your leaders and identify opportunities for maximizing your ROI
  • Successfully implement a specific project or initiative you select while your people learn
  • Co-create a solution that changes the thinking and behavior of your leaders and the people they lead
  • Integrate solutions within your systems and processes
  • Help you create measurable results on your own within 120 days
  • Lead, facilitate, model, teach, train, coach, intervene, design processes, consult, and participate as part of your team
  • Drive high performance...deliver on time at the expected quality and level of completion

We create a common language of leadership and accountability that spreads like a virus through your organization. People begin to think and act differently. They want to be part of the success.

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