Assess and Plan for the Development of Individual Leaders

Would You Want a Doctor to Treat You for a Life Threatening Disease Without Data to Backup The Diagnosis?

Managers tell us:

  • "He is not making his numbers."
  • "She has communication problems."
  • "He isn't leading his team."

These symptoms can  point to something much more complex that just a single behavior. That is why we start every leadership development assignment by collecting concrete data up front to find the underlying opportunities. Some of the tools we use are:

  • Assessments: To help people develop and utilize their strengths and achieve their goals, we measure their worldview, self view, biases, behaviors, decision-making priorities, motivations, and emotional intelligence before we start any development process. More...
  • 360 Feedback: Sometimes we get useful data from a 360 process that generates information from multiple peers, the people our client is leading, their boss and even outside customers and vendors. We do two kinds of 360 feedback, depending on the level of the person we are working with.
    • Online 360 Process: In the 360 process the client and the person they report to choose 8 to 15 people (raters) who will provide feedback to the client by completing an online questionnaire. More...
    • Live 360 Process:  The live 360 is used with high level executives when we want more in-depth information about the person. In this situation we interview each rater over the telephone or in person. More...
  • Personal Operating System: This is a unique tool we've developed to assess each area of business focus under our client's leadership and management. More...
  • Job Benchmark: We use this process to define the client's job based on the same personal characteristics we measure in our assessments. Then we can compare the client to the job and the specific requirements needed to achieve results in his or her position. More...
  • Assessment and 360 Debrief: We debrief the client leader with their supervisor to interpret the results and to guide us in developing next steps. This Success Discovery Process aims to identify the opportunities to use this person's strengths in new ways, to hone in on areas for personal development and to support overall performance.

After we measure with one or more of these processes we review the data with the client leader and their direct supervisor and agree on a plan.

Our plans frequently include several elements:

  • Specific behavior change
  • Specific change in thinking
  • Action items and goals to be attained through the behavior change.  

Our 90 to 180 Day Coaching Plans identify specific business results to be achieved and specific changes in behavior and thinking required to achieve those results.

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