Build On Leadership Strength

How Can You Activate Strengths So They Translate Into High Performance?

Focus on Strengths:

All of your life you have been developing strengths. Some of these are deeply ingrained unconscious habits that you are not aware you have or use. We frequently ask people what strengths they are using in their jobs. Most people describe their strengths in less than 5 to 15 words. Others point to hard skills, knowledge and experience. Then silence.

One of the first things we do in our individual development work is to get people to recognize their strengths and use them in their jobs in the most effective ways. We also identify strengths overused.


We begin by teaching our clients the most critical skill in developing high performance. It is the means to activate their strengths. We call this skill, self-evaluation. More...

Two Leverage Points:

While we focus on activating and optimizing strengths through self-evaluation we also help people use those strengths in several simple and practical ways.

Real Time Challenges: First we help people apply their strengths to a real time project or goal that must be completed or achieved for success in their job. This becomes the workshop in which our client's apply what they are learning. More...

Thinking Change: The second approach is to identify what is missing or needs to change in a client's thinking that stands in the way of achievement.

Perceptions, Wants and Behaviors: People can choose what they want, what they perceive, and the behavior they use to close the gap between what they want and what they perceive they have. We teach people to operate in this realm we call the Triangle of Choice. It is simple to understand and provides an easy way to guide self-evaluation on any topic, event, situation or relationship.

The Accountability Loop: We develop personal accountability for the changes that a manager or leader must make by teaching people follow a simple map of the territory of accountability.

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