Implement Individual Behavior Change In Leaders

Behavior Change Is A Step By Step Process

We start every behavior change by leading a thorough self-evaluation process.  With our help you will:

  • Answer the question 'What do you want from the process?' This step includes the expectations, wants and needs of the organization, the team, your direct supervisor and peers.
  • Identify the current perceptions of your situation, events, and relationships that surround you.
  • Describe the behaviors you are using to achieve the expectations and wants.
  • Evaluate your effectiveness.
  • Identify options for change in two categories: Thinking and Action.
  • Create clear criteria for success.
  • Make a choice for new behavior.
  • Identify what that behavior will look like and what it will produce.
  • Identify why this new behavior is important to you.
  • Agree to the behavior change with specific measurable results.

We then move to practical steps to implement the change.  You will:

  • Select a specific goal, initiative or result that is tied to this behavior change.
  • Agree to specific steps to move towards the goals and behavior change.
  • Evaluate your movement towards the goals and results.
  • Make adjustments to move closer to the goal.
  • Learn what you can control, influence and what is outside your influence and control.
  • Recognize your choices in four key areas of control.
  • Move from being a victim to being accountable for your performance and the results of your actions.
  • Reframe how you see yourself and the world around you.
  • Get ongoing coaching and support from individuals and groups.
  • Repeat your new behavior over and over until you have stabilized your new habits.
  • Change your language to support your success and new behavior.
  • Learn deliberately with multiple modes of learning; auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
  • Track your process in detail using a journal and other methods.

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