Develop Groups of Leaders

Are Your Leaders Unable To:

  • Turn your vision into reality?
  • Meet deadlines at the quality you expect?
  • Satisfy your customers?
  • Work across functions?
  • Lead people to lead themselves?

 If You Have Tried One or All of These Solutions:

  • Packaged training programs that do not address individual strengths and potentials.
  • Public seminars that don't work your real time challenges.
  • Three day trainings that contain more content than anyone can absorb.
  • Coaching that doesn't produce behavior change and tangible results.

And You Still Don't Have Leaders Who Lead High Performance Like This:

  • Deliver the expected results on time.
  • Build alignment and engagement from all involved.
  • Own the consequences of their choices.
  • Act in alignment with the vision and values of the organization, and their team.
  • Get out of their silos and look for ways to contribute across boundaries.
  • Lead conflict and mistakes to learning.
  • Lead and participate fully in productive meetings.
  • Act with courage.

You Can Tap Into the ChoiceWorks Leadership Program...As You Begin to Create A Robust Culture of Accountability That Spreads Like a Virus Throughout Your Organization.

What differentiates ChoiceWorks from others in our field is our unique combination of integrated actions:

  • Assess every participant for strengths and growth opportunities.
  • Debrief those results with the participant and their direct supervisor.
  • Create an individual 90 day development plan to begin making immediate progress.
  • Tie the plan to changes in thinking and behavior and real measurable results.
  • Working with teams to have effective meetings that produce results.
  • Minimize interruptions in your business by limiting training to only 4 hours a day.
  • Give participants the opportunity to apply what they learn and come back the next time with experiences they can share and work through.
  • Work through real time issues and scenarios solving your leadership challenges as people learn.
  • One on one coaching for every participant.
  • Online training modules that support individual learning.

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