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Assess Leaders - Plan Development

Your leadership training program is customized to your needs and goals. It focuses on building leaders who drive accountability for exceptional top and bottom line results. Results are the cornerstone of high performance and they happen because leaders:

  • Create and articulate through words and actions a clear vision.
  • Model what they expect of others.
  • Take action consistent with the stated values and goals of the organization.
  • Clearly sense and understand the reality in which they are leading.
  • Act with managerial courage - make hard decisions and take the necessary steps to execute.
  • Continuously and deliberately self-evaluate to maintain their focus, clarity, consistency and sense of direction.
  • Ask questions, listen and observe.
  • Self-correct.
  • Assess and minimize risk.

Your future leaders and those already doing the job all have the potential to be high performers. For some people these traits are easy to activate. Most people are short of one or two of these abilities and need to stretch beyond their natural habits to be more effective. We believe in building on individual strengths. We assist leaders to embody all 9 characteristics to achieve and maximize high performance.

Our first step to develop high performance leaders is to assess each one in the following dimensions:

  • How they see the world around them
  • How they see themselves
  • Motivations
  • Decision Making Priorities
  • Behaviors
  • Emotional Intelligence

We then lead your participants through a debrief of their assessment with their direct supervisor. With our guidance, observations based on past performance are provided. This debrief process identifies strengths and opportunities for growth in each of the areas we measure.

Together the participant, the supervisor and our assessment specialist put a development plan in place that includes at least three major elements:

  • Leadership training
  • Actions to support a specific behavior, thinking or perceptual change
  • Action to deliver at least one project, initiative or action item that reflects success in the job 

The participant and the supervisor agree to the plan.

Every participant in our leadership training programs goes through this process. The emphasis is on personal accountability and leading accountability for results and the work environment.

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