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Leadership Training Programs

Your training program will be highly interactive and focus on the real time challenges that your leaders face every day in leading others to lead themselves. Never a "dog and pony show", trainers create the program out of what happens in the room. The room is always a microcosm of what is happening in your company. Four hour modules limit the interruption to your day to day activities and give the participants just enough information and experience to absorb and apply in their time between sessions.

Participants return to the next session two to four weeks later to share their experiences as we overcome your performance challenges. We improve productive output and collaboration in noticeable ways within two or three training sessions. . .a start to changing the culture.

To support individual learning we provide one-on-one sessions with the trainer between the trainings. During these meetings we create buy-in for the program and discuss individual changes. We help people become conscious of what they have to change to be successful. Most people's greatest weaknesses lie in their strengths overused. We work with participants to help them recognize these strengths and make simple changes that have big positive impacts on their performance.

Every session we ask for agreements that we track. We hold people accountable for the actions they agree to take and what they produce.    

Trainers provide feedback, tools and methods to support leadership growth and positive culture change.

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