Assess Current Processes and Redesign

Are Your Deliveries Late, Your Quality Low, Your Service Levels Poor? 

It makes no difference what industry you're in. We use proven approaches to help you fix your processes. They include assessment and planning that dig deep into multiple dimensions of your organization. We see process improvement as a three legged stool: 

  • Process Assessment and Design
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Individual Commitment.

If you leave out any one of these legs your process improvement efforts will deliver less than the maximum impact. 

First we assess at several levels identifying:

  • Your current process steps, constraints and inefficiencies
  • Gaps in how groups work together
  • Strengths and areas for improvement in individuals
  • Measurements

We collect data by:

  • Interviewing people.
  • Observing current processes.
  • Measuring the culture.
  • Measuring critical leadership strengths.
  • Attending your meetings.
  • Tracking recent decisions.

We collate the data to put plans in place to: 

  • Identify the  "real" current processes.
  • Design improvements into the process.
  • Create new processes.
  • Identify changes in your culture needed to support improved processes.
  • Build on the strengths of your team.
  • Develop buy in from operators of the process. 

Situation Analysis: After we collect data we develop with you an in depth situation analysis that identifies the current state and desired state defining the gaps that could be closed, constraints that can be eliminated, and processes that can be improved. More...

Flow Charts: Frequently processes go undefined. People think they are following a proscribed system when in reality there is an actual system operating in the background that no one acknowledges but everyone uses. Where necessary we prepare flow charts with you to analyze processes that may require improvements or just need to be identified so your people can capitalize on it more effectively. More...


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