Implement an Improved Processes

If You Don't Have Buy In and Alignment, You Won't Get the Full Benefit Out of Process Improvements.

Let's face it. People make the process successful. If individuals and groups are operating in their silos, don't share accountability for common metrics and are not using their strengths effectively, you will have mediocre results. even if you do improve the mechanics of a process. The mechanical part is easy. You can probably do most of it yourself.  The hard part is getting people bought in, aligned and working together to implement and operate the process over time.

Some of the things we do to turn process improvements into measurable realized results: 

  • Design the new process with your team
  • Identify what accountability means in your organization
  • Identify organizational, team and individual strengths
  • Create improved communication between your people
  • Reduce meetings by making them more effective .
  • Knock down your silos
  • Implement a system of agreements
  • Develop accountabilities for specific shared metrics
  • Lead conflict to learning and creativity
  • Change the way your people think
  • Change specific team and individual behaviors
  • Instill a commitment for accountable action
  • Create engagement in your people
  • Train your people to self evaluate
  • Continuously focus on creating a "WE" environment
  • Develop clear connections between what individuals want and do and the organization's strategic goals. 
  • Develop a universal sense of ownership throughout the organization
  • Distinguish systems problems from people problems
  • Push decision-making down to the lowest levels
  • Create operating systems for individuals
  • Coach individuals  

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