Select The Right Person


  • Non-productive low performers?
  • Intellectual dilettantes who play with ideas that lead nowhere? 
  • Complicators who make everything more complex?
  • Victims who blame, deny and defend? 
  • Bullies who must have it their way?
  • Fence sitters who don't act?

You Put The Wrong Person In The Job Because 

  • You don't have a clear job definition system 
  • Your end to end recruitment and on-boarding process is incomplete
  • Your assessment tools are inaccurate
  • Your interviewing process needs refining
  • You are using the wrong criteria for candidate selection 

An Effective Assessment Process Creates These Results

  • Productive people end up in jobs that match their strengths
  • You can learn from your mistakes (you will make a few) because you have a consistent system
  • Job requirements, key accountabilities and defined job results permit you to make accurate decisions
  • You match an accurate job benchmark with a complimentary person permitting you to accelerate performance
  • You know the candidate's development needs before you make a final commitment 

For over 15 years we have been helping companies select the right internal  people for jobs by applying our unique disciplined assessment and selection system to their specific needs. Our process is modular and comprehensive.

  • Define the job and create a highly accurate customized benchmark for your specific needs.
  • Know the key accountabilities of every job before you start selecting candidates.
  • Include the job definition in your succession plans.
  • Create accurate benchmarks for new jobs that have never existed before.
  • Create a multi faceted written review based on your needs.
  • Learn interviewing strategies that will make your selection accuracy soar.
  • Assess and match every internal and external candidate to the benchmark before you invest in their development. 
  • Understand your candidate from multiple dimensions of thinking, feeling, motivations, decision-making priorities, behavior and worldview and match them to your benchmark.
  • Receive a customized written analysis of each candidate for your key positions.
  • Receive an operating manual for everyone you hire.

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