Select the Right Person

Choose the Right Person for a Job?  Not an Easy Decision.

Candidates come prepared to be hired. They present their best behavior. You can accurately interview them for technical skills, knowledge and experience.

You can attempt to assess candidates for personal traits and characteristics like:

  • Personal Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Drive
  • Engagement
  • Motivation
  • Thinking
  • Emotional intelligence

These character and skill strengths are not easily distinguished in an interview. Here's why:   

  • People can adapt in an interview to look good for short periods of time. 
  • You never know what will happen when you put someone in the real job.
  • References are hard to check and people don't always tell the truth about past employees because they fear lawsuits.
  • Forty percent of all resume's contain lies or distortions.
  • Sixty percent of candidates are careless about the truth in some way in an interview.   

The strengths we measure are often the most important differentiators between successful candidates and low performers. Our clients ask us to help them identify these hidden and illusive traits and habits that lead to success. This is what we provide when we are screening candidates for any level of leadership and management positions: 

A highly accurate assessment of each candidate's chance of success in your specific job.

Multi-dimensional online assessments that generate at least these reports:

  • Behaviors
  • Motivation
  • World view and Self View

Our written analysis that combines the data from these reports to reveal the strengths, limitations and opportunities for growth for each candidate. 

A written comparison of the top three candidates.

If we have created a benchmark for your specific open position, we will supply comparison and gap reports that compare each candidate to that benchmark.

In addition, we will consult with decision-makers to answers specific questions.

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