Create A High Performance Team

Low Performing Teams Are WASTING Your Resources!

  • Missed deadlines - lost revenue
  • Infighting and lack of alignment
  • A few people doing all the work with others going along for the ride
  • "Communication" problems
  • Unproductive meetings

Why This WON'T Change!

  • A few dominant people want things their way
  • There is no "team process"
  • Meetings don't generate useful decisions, agreements and action
  • No one is held accountable for what really matters


  • Deliver on time at the expected level of quality and completion 
  • Innovate by tapping into the collective strengths of all team members 
  • Turn conflict and mistakes into creative solutions and learning 
  • People feel positively productive and excited - PASSIONATE about their team performance 

We Equip People to Come Together in Alignment with Any Team

If you want high performance teams, you must support team members to apply a clear consistent team process across all collaborative situations. What makes ChoiceWorks unique in this field of High Performance Team development is our comprehensive team leadership system. We've helped leaders implement the system through programs in all kinds of industries.

Our Team Programs Include This Unique Combination of Components: 

  • Measure your team culture, team leaders and team members and identify opportunities for maximizing ROI
  • Set goals aimed at achieving a specific project or organizational initiative
  • Co-create a solution that aligns the thinking and behavior of all team members
  • Integrate the solution within your projects and initiatives 
  • Create measurable results on your own within 120 days 
  • Focus on team process, agility, adaptability and collaboration tools 
  • Leverage initiatives and projects to success while we overcome your real-time problems and challenges
  • Lead, facilitate, model, teach, train, coach, intervene, create processes and participate as part of your teams 
  • Drive high performance....deliver on time at the expected quality and level of completion 

Through this process we create a common language and system of high performance that spreads like a virus through your teams. People begin to think and act differently. They want to be part of the success

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