Assess and Plan for Team Development

How Do You Measure Team Performance?

Obviously by the results, quality, timeliness, and completeness the team delivers. Add to these criteria team member collaboration, cross functional teamwork and how much "broken glass" they leave in their wake after they deliver. Most of these factors are measurable or observable.

Even if they get it right, every team can do better!

So we measure some intangibles that are hard to spot!

  • How does the team compare to a scientifically developed organizational benchmark that relates to overall and specific performance measures? 
  • Is the team utilizing all the strengths the members have to offer? 
  • How do the team members perceive its leadership?

We analyze the data and BUILD MOMENTUM FAST through these actions:

  • Generate a situation analysis.
  • With you devise a plan that identifies at least two or three things you and the team can do immediately on your own to improve team performance in 90-120 days.
  • Get agreements to implement these changes and follow up to make sure these commitments are met. 
  • Identify a project or initiative that we can work on together. The focus area becomes a "workshop" for learning. People have something concrete to tie their learning to. 
  • Work together to create a complete team development plan. 
  • Participating in team meetings because they are microcosms of what is going on with the team and the organization. Improve team meetings and you will implore team performance exponentially. 

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