Create High Performance Teams

Create Teams That Look Like This: 

  • Each team member supports all others on the team. 
  • People participate with passionate alignment and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to succeed.
  • Coordinated action in meeting preparation and facilitation.
  • Participants engage fully in meetings as if they own the quality and outcomes of the meeting. Meetings have a clear purpose and objectives and generate trackable decisions, agreements and actions.
  • Everyone leads and manages, regardless of their title.
  • The group focuses on team processes, not just the outcomes. 
  • Process creates opportunities to learn and improve.  Improvement is a continuous focus of the group. 
  • Team members consistently self-evaluate to make course changes in support of the goals.
  • The team learns from both success and failure.
  • Everyone leads conflict to learning and creativity. 
  • Every team member commits to achieving a metric that may be different for each person. Each metric is tied directly to the overall purpose and result of the team. 
  • The team identifies and drives out 'victim mentality'. 
  • People take on work based on their strengths. 
  • Communication supports team purpose and learning - eliminating arbitrary opinions, gossip, complaining and blame. 
  • The team uses disciplined criteria-based decision making. 
  • The team sets aside time for creative dialog - where questions and learning are more important that certainty and knowledge. 
  • The team turns 'the impossible' into 'the possible'. 

How We Do It

Here are some of the processes and tools we use. ChoiceWorks Leaders:

  • Actively participate in your meetings
  • Lead and establish meta meetings where helpful  (A meeting about a meeting)
  • Model what effective meeting leadership looks like
  • Train people to facilitate meetings
  • Rotate responsibility to plan, lead and follow up
  • Run facilitated live workshop sessions that teach the ChoiceWorks system of thinking and action -Lead Management
  • Meet with each participant as we move forward
  • Intervene when people are having difficulty
  • Co-create, with the team, processes for:
    • Decision-making
    • Agreements
    • Communication
    • Meeting
    • Leading conflict to learning
    • Measuring Success 

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