Stage of Growth Process

Are You Experiencing Some of These Frustrating Challenges?  

  • You don’t know how you will get to the next level of growth
  • Business is stalled - you’re not growing
  • You’re growing but your profits are flat  
  • Your profits are shrinking
  • Your business is shrinking 

Why Won’t This Change?

  • Your business has hidden impediments to growth that you do not see
  • You have missing processes that must be in place that now create people problems
  • There are 5 stage-related challenges to growth that are currently impacting you
  • You are not playing by the appropriate non-negotiable rules for your stage of growth

The Solutions Are Easier Than You Think:

  • Identify what you left out in previous stages of growth that is stopping you now
  • Learn what the prime leader should be focusing on at your specific level of growth
  • Identify your top 5 of 27 key challenges that stall every company and apply to you now
  • Learn the non-negotiable rules that will hold you back if you don’t live by them  
  • Generate and implement 6 to 8 critical initiatives that will accelerate your growth now

The ChoiceWorks Growth Process (CWGP) is a low cost tool that will support your vision and deliver extraordinary results. The CWGP identifies what has to be in place for your business to grow. If you are not growing, your business it is probably stagnating and it will eventually die or not realize its full potential.

Every business must develop key processes, structures, teams and individuals that are specific to each step of the growth process and your organization. Every growing organization misses some of these important factors of development and eventually those missing pieces create obstacles to growth, sometimes very suddenly and dramatically. Our CWG Process identifies what you've left out along the way that will impede your growth; omissions that will eventually come up from behind and bite you where it hurts. The process also prepares you for the next level of growth. 

Our system is based on a study of 750 small businesses. There are seven levels of growth, each one supported by a benchmark. We collect input from the key people in your business who report directly to the CEO or the leader of your division or business unit. The process is centered on describing the specific CEO actions and thinking that will generate business growth for each unique stage and it prescribes a set of non-nonnegotiable rules that must be in place to perpetuate that growth. One of the most important outputs of the CWGP is that it drives a set of 6 to 8 initiatives that you create with our help to move the organization forward.

Once we identify the opportunities we help you design and implement those 6 to 8 initiatives to overcome obstacles and develop new processes, structures, organizational actions and thinking that will maximize current growth and prepare you for the next stages of development.

Our criteria for identifying your growth opportunities are based on the number of people you employ. We use number of employees to decide your level of growth because the more people you are leading the more complex your business becomes. Once we know your stage we compare where you are to where you should be, relying on a highly researched and tested set of benchmarks for each stage.

The process requires online input to a set of questionnaires as well as an interview the CEO or division President. We share the results in a workshop of one or two days that includes the development of specific action plans designed to deal with your identified opportunities. In addition, we follow up with future meetings and interactions to keep the momentum up and you and your team moving ahead on target. We hold you and your team accountable.

And the cost is amazingly low for what it generates. We can give you a price after a quick telephone conversation. Call Steve Morris at 619-450-6777 x222 or email him at