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The Art of Choosing:       Studies that offer surprises about choices with Sheena Iyengar

Thinking Fast & Slow:     Better Business Decisions - Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize Winner

Three Elements of Decision-Making:      Tony Robbins  

What Makes a Great Leader:     Brilliant Decision Maker   Michael Moboussin

Procrastination and The Perfectionist:    Fear of Taking Action - Brendon Burchard

Making Decisions:     Decisions, Complication - Just for Fun - Ellen DeGeneres

Why We Make Bad Decisions:     Economics, Social Challenges - Dan Gilbert

Logic Vs. Emotions:   Leverage Emotions to Achieve What You Want - Marissa Peer 

Making Choices:     Making One Choice at a Time to Get Past the Past - Liz Murray   

How To Make Intuitive Decisions:     Listening to Your Gut - Judith Orloff MD

Intuition Pumps:     Tools to Transform Your Thinking With Others - Daniel Dennett           

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